De Brief over de Kok van de Koning en zijn neef en de vrouw die het allemaal opschreef
Picture book


This is the true story about the hilarious and disastrous events that happened during a feast at the Chantilly Castle in 1671. The feast was arranged for Louis the 14th (the king of France), so a lot of things had to be prepared. The cook of the castle carries a heavy burden, but this burden is not as heavy as he thinks it is. Even though the feast was a big success, there were also a few catastrophes involving his cooking. A turn of events eventually forced the cook to take his own life, but none of the royals seemed to care and they continued to party on. A few days after the incident, this bizarre story was written down by Madame de Sevigné in a letter, which i used to create this picture book.


These illustrations are made with analog materials such as colored pencils and markers, but are always perfected digitally in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I think that working analog gives illustrations a lot more of a personal touch, but working digitally has other advantages. Working on my first picture book has been lovely and I hope a lot more will follow!